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Support the 2021 Festival Zelioli

Who are we

The Festival Zelioli, now in its fourteenth edition, is a European choral musical event that represents an important opportunity for young musicians to express their talent on a stage with significant international visibility usually reserved only for music professionals.
In the previous thirteen editions, countless youth choirs from over 26 countries from multiple continents have performed.
In 2020 the Festival Zelioli won the European “CREATIVE EUROPE” call, thanks to the WeBEUnited project in cooperation with three other festivals in Belgium, Poland and Hungary.



What does the 2021 edition of the Festival Zelioli offer
For this edition we have selected the Pontanima choir from Sarajevo among the hidden gems of Balkan Europe.
The strength of this choir is to combine its artistic experience with a fresh and unique sound, a fusion of traditions of Catholic, Orthodox and Islamic origin.
The musical lineup will feature original pieces composed for the occasion by the artistic director of the Festival, Maestro PierAngelo Pelucchi, and by the director of the Pontanima choir, Maestro Emir Mejremic .
The shows, which will be repeated as scheduled (see link ), will be, in addition to entertainment, a source of inspiration and reflection on the turbulent and changing times we are experiencing.
In addition, the Zelioli Festival has decided to give space also to pictorial art: the scenographies of the Festival will be created by the Cameroonian artist Afran .


Why it is important to donate

Participation in the concerts is totally free, thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Lecco, the Lombardy Region and the European Community, which cover most of the costs.
Essential and precious is the help of the many volunteers who spend themselves with passion to allow the event to run.
To exist we also need your contribution, to meet the organizational, logistical and remuneration expenses for the artists.
Any amount donated will help keep the Festival alive and create an important opportunity for territorial community and openness to the world.

How can you support us


It is possible to make a free donation through the active campaign on Produzioni dal Basso, at this link.
We thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you at our concerts!
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