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We are happy to answer to all your questions, and, as they come, we will add more answers. 
Please, feel free to contact us for any other question.

1) Is only the choirmaster required to log on to the YouTube to watch the musical events of the Festival Zelioli, or will the young choristers also have to do so?


We hope that everyone, including the choristers, will watch the live broadcasts of the musical events of the Zelioli Festival from the comfort of their armchairs.

Only in this way everyone will have the opportunity to make a visual and auditory verification of their individual work, which, once assembled together with the rest of the choirs in this adventure, will produce a beautiful overall image of which they can be proud and which will be good news to spread among friends and relatives. They will thus have the gratifying feeling of being once again united with a group of young people from all over the world sharing the same experience of love for music and friendship. Each singer will be spotted on a stamp while singing. At the end of the Holy Mass that closes the Festival, we will
broadcast all the names and surnames of the hundreds of singers who took part in it, in the expectation
that we will all soon be able to reunite in presence in Lecco at the next 15th Festival Zelioli.

We ask the choirmasters to encourage their choristers to attend the “Festival online” from the very beginning, both to feel part of a great project and to listen to the two concerts given by the unique “Pontanima choir” from Sarajevo, which is a source of inspiration and a concrete example of how music can really bring peace to a multi-ethnic nation after a devastating war (their story is published on our website).

Thank you all and hurray for the Festival, hurray for music!

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